Do you have a dog that loves chew/squeak toys but almost always destroys the toy as soon as you give it to them? My dog actually pounces on the squeak with a vengeance, ruining the toy! Does this sound familiar to any of you? If so, keep reading, I have found a solution to this problem.

At first, I purchased several cute chew/squeak toys that I thought would be very entertaining for the type of dog that I have. Imagine the look on my face while watching him destroy the squeak in all the the toys. He actually jumped up and down on the squeak till it stopped. All I can say is “bless his heart”.  I adopted him from a shelter and I don’t know what his history was or what he had been through, but he was not happy with squeak toys. That was the last of his last squeak toys!! I didn’t want to watch that scene unfold again….. but I still needed something for him to chew on.

Lucky for me, I found the answer to my problem when I picked up my dog from the groomer. Just out of curiosity, I asked the owner what she would recommend for a squeaky toy destroyer. She immediately had an answer. Antlerz. Yes, deer antlers. Well….I wasn’t expecting to hear that, but I decided to give it a try because she was very matter-of-fact, like she had given this advice before.

She was correct! My dog loves the antler and it provides hours of entertainment for him. I have purchased this item many times in the past few years and it’s a winner in my home. Make sure you keep a check on the size of the antler as it gets chewed on, it will eventually get down to a small piece. My dog stays inside so I can easily monitor the size and decide when it should be tossed. This antler is not messy and that was a main concern for me. I didn’t want to worry about clean up and I did not want stains on my furniture.


As mentioned above, I found my antler in a local grooming boutique, but I was also able to find it at Target and I will leave a link below. The cost is reasonable, considering that one will last for at least two months or maybe longer. The antler comes in several sizes, so even the small doggies can enjoy this treat. If you get this for your dog, let me know if it worked for you. If you are wondering what type of dog I have…..he is a terrier mix. HE is so very special!!!



Owl talk to y’all later!







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